I7 930 and RAM speeds

I'm planning to build an i7 930 based machine for 3D and video work.
I know that 6GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM works fine on an i7 920 system however here:
It suggests that the i7 930 memory controller is only intended for DDR3-800/1066
(They say the same for the 920 and all the other i7 chips too)

I'm sure this is just Intel's overly conservative specification however I'm curious to find out if say a 12GB DDR3 1600MHz Kit would be worth the extra £50 over two 6GB DDR3 1066MHz kits, looking at a stock system settings environment and an overclocked environment too. Now and then I will probably be needing to OC to about 12% for extended periods (days or weeks). Would the 1600MHz modules be better for this??

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The 1600 are better if those have better times (CL8 or less) but if u want buy a 1600 RAM with CL9 or CL10 go better with a 1333 CL7 or 1066CL6 and u can get a very similar performance.
  2. Thanks saint19 for your help.
    I've read that CPU over clocking ability is effected by the RAM used.

    Which RAM specs effect overclocking more, the MHz or the CL

  3. well I have a 930 overclocked.. I am using mushkin redline enhanced.. I went for speed AND CL these babies have cas 6-8-6-24 AND run at 1600 mhz now if you over clock these will run at those settings when you manually put them in at 1680 ( where I'm at now ) I built an i5 system for a friend. and he was running g.skill eco 1600 mhz at cas 7 and even overclocked did not feel as responsive as mine I want to say the ram was making it sluggish cuz I can't imagine that going from dual channel to triple would make it that much more responsive.

    ignore the ppl that say it won't work.. I am proof it does :D

    I am encoding 1400 video clips as I surf the net, type this and have even done some gaming with oblivion and burnout paradise all at the same time. I don't regret this purchase at all
  4. Both are important.

    If u want a good 6GB kit at stock and OC go with this G.Skill PI 1600.
  5. saint19 said:
    Both are important.

    If u want a good 6GB kit at stock and OC go with this G.Skill PI 1600.

    before recommending ram with high heatsinks, we should prob find out what cooler he is planning to use.. ( the ram I suggested ( albiet more expensive) would fit under anything not that it is a bad recommendation, we just don't know what he is going to use to cool it
  6. ^Sure, go with the Redline for only $189.99 :lol:
  7. Hard Line: The Redline RAM you mentioned seems about the same cost as some 1600 CL8 I can get from Ebuyer here in the UK so it may well be worth it.

    saint19: I'm going to use the Zalman CNPS10X Extreme cooler on an Asus P6X58D-E mobo. I can't say for sure by looking at the pictures and dimensions of these products if the fan will over hang the RAM slots or not but the G.Skill PI 1600 you suggest certainly has an amazingly low price!!

    For both RAMs though I have to find out shipping costs for UK delivery and any possible import taxes before I can know if it's worth the buy.

    Thanks guys for your help!
  8. Select the best for u in price/performance and check the warranty too.
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