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Would I get a better muliti tasking computer if it had a server mother board in it with more then one CPU? can anyone tell me if there is a muliti tasking computer out there.Thanks Greenguru
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  1. Errr, all computers running Windows are multi-tasking. We're not talking about the iPad here ya know. :P

    To really answer your question however, your typical mid- to high-end CPU does a great job of multi-tasking on its own. Technically a server would do a better job of managing applications—if they're written properly for the server's architecture.
    I Have duel monitors and nvidia 8600 GT that they hook to WATCHING A MOVIE ON ONE AND EMAILING AND playing a flash game they just seem to confuse the computer no lock ups just waiting time more than I can stand, with all three going in win 7 pro

    M B crosshair II, 940 amd X4, four GB memory

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