ATI HD 3650 Audio over HDMI (drivers stink?)

My setup:

I have the CORRECT 3k series dongle (6140063500G) (as opposed to the 2k series dongle which is the black different one, this one is grey).

I have a HDMI-HDMI cable from my ATI card's DVI->HDMI dongle to my Samsung LN26B360 TV.

I have the latest Catalyst Control Center, Display Driver, and HDMI Audio driver from ATI's support section (v9.12).

I have "ATI HD Audio rear output" selected in my "Sounds and Audio Devices --> Audio tab --> Default Device" drop-down list. It's at full volume (as well as my TV).

My device manager shows this in the "Sound, video and game controllers" list:
-ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio - ATI AA01

The driver for the above device includesd:
v5.00.40001.09 (by ATI Research Inc.)

Yet I cannot get any sound to go from my card, through the dongle, through the cable, to my TV. The sound simply doesn't work on the card.

I have read various posts such as
1. "audio bug, use Catalyst v8.2" (which I tried to no avail)
2. "audio bug, use the Realtek ATI drivers" (which I tried to no avail)
3. "The ATI 3650 card sound just doesn't work, period."

Does ANYONE have any other suggestions?
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  1. Check the TV. Is there more than one input to try?

    My girlfriend's Samsung had a specific input for the audio feed to work. The other inputs just handled the video. The correct input was labeled on the TV for the audio.
  2. Yup, tried both HDMI ports (#1 which also says "DVI", as well as #2). Although I don't think I tried both ports for every single reboot/driver install I listed above (but it was always in #1).

    I'm using XP Pro SP3 by the way (because I know the MS UAA driver supposedly doesn't require the ATI HDMI driver in Vista/Win7 according to AMD/ATI's support website).
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    Well, only one of the DVI ports on the 3k series supports HDMI audio. The other will only provide video. First, go into the device manager and make sure that there isn't a "?" indicating problems with the Audio Driver. If you see that, then the first thing you have to do is find the right driver to make that go away. In XP there are some resource issues which will cause the HDMI audio driver to not initialize properly.

    Once you take care of that then make sure to set your Radeon Card as the default Sound Device. After that be sure the volume is up and try it over both DVI ports. I should mention that getting the audio driver to work right in XP is a royal pain. I use Vista when I hook up my machine to the Plasma to avoid just that :D.
  4. No question marks anywhere and I do have the latest & greatest MS UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio in my device manager (and just ran the patch for fun as well as indicated in my previous post). I will tinker with the various ports and see if that helps, thanks.
  5. WOOOOOOWWWW! YOU ARE RIGHT. IT WORKED IN THE 2nd PORT! You rock! Let this thread help all those folks out there who couldn't get the ATI HD 3650 audio over HDMI to tv working. Mine now works!

    You can see my specs above (Catalyst/display/hdmi driver 9.12 from ATI; XP SP3 with the MS UAA HD Audio working fine). Use my post as an example. My motherboard, by the way, does not use the Realtek stuff (I have an ASUS P5Q-E and just use their Soundmax drivers). So I didn't need to install any Realtek stuff, just the ATI 9.12 software, use the right dongle, and thanks to the above poster, use the right PORT on the card, who knew!
  6. Heh, had I gone here first.....

    From ATI's website concerning dual-display adapters (I have 3 monitors and a TV on 2 ATI 3650 HD cards).

    "HDMI + HDMI. Second video HDMI output is provided through a DVI-to-HDMI adapter (not included). Note: In this arrangement, video is streamed through both ports, but audio is streamed to the native HDMI port only, and is not streamed through the DVI-to-HDMI adapter."
  7. Yeah, that's why I have my HDMI adapter screwed in to the second DVI port and leave the first one for DVI :D. I had such a hard time when I first got a 3850 because I took off the HDMI adapter when I wasn't using it :p.
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  9. I've been looking around to find (low budget) ways to get a 16" 720p TV connected to my system while running my dual monitors.

    It seems from this thread I will be able to do this.

    I have a 512mb HD 3650 running 2 monitors through the DVI ports at the moment.

    Have I got it right that by adding another of these cards, and not in crossfire mode, I will be able to connect the TV through the DVI to HDMI adapter on the new card to get what I want.

    If so does it have to be another 512mb card or wil a 256mb version do?
    if it makes a difference my card is an ASUS one, does the new card need to be ASUS?
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