Random restarts after installing chipset drivers

Hi all, computer newb here, I've recently built my first computer and its been running fine with no problems for a month. But I've recently on a whim decided to install the drivers that came with the mobo CD - GA-H55-USB3 LGA 1156 is my mobo.
Midway through installation the computer restarts.
Afterwards, after the splash screen where it says Windows is starting and the windows logo forming, it would also restart. I would have to pick start normally, and then it would regularly.

What could be causing this problem, and if anything, would a CMOS reset or hard drive format/OS reinstall fix the issue?
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  1. Try booting into Safe-mode (F8) and uninstall the chipset drivers under device manager, then run Driversweeper to clean out any Intel driver traces.

    Then try booting with Win7 and it should reinstall the drivers.

    Just a thing, with Win7, most of the time you don't have to worry about drivers as it installs automatically.
  2. Lesson learned not to use CD/DVD drivers. Hopefully, by now you restarted in to Safe Mode and you probably can use System Restore {if your drivers weren't over written}. If not D/L and install in Safe Mode the latest drivers from GA:

    GA-H55-USB3 - http://gigabyte.com/search/search.aspx?kw=GA-H55-USB3
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