How to tell if Xfire is working properly.

Hi, I have had this system for a while now, but recently upgrades to running 2 4850's in Xfire. I set them up and it seems to be recognizing them in the CCC and never have it a second thought till a few days ago. I wanted to see how much difference they were making and if they were actually set up right.

I downloaded 3Dmark06 to test out my system but in the system information it is only showing I have one card and says that "Linked Display Adapters = false"

So im curious as to why the program is not picking up that i have to cards running or if I have ever been getting any benefit from it since I installed them.

Here is the SS so yall can take a look:


I just got done running the 3Dmark06 test and everything went smooth except for the CPU test, and for some reason it ran at 1-3 FPS the entire time. Is that normal?

Anyways here's the results from the test if you need to look at them, that seem about normal for my build?

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  1. I use GPU-Z (read down the page), it also monitors and logs temps and fan speeds, too. You should verify the ribbon is properly installed to both cards, and that both cards are properly seated, and have the PSU power cables properly connected.
  2. Ill give GPU-Z a shot and see what I come up with. I have double checked all the connections but ill do it again to to be 100% sure. Ill let ya know what I find.


    I loaded up the program and I can access 2 different cards by the drop down menu on the bottom of the screen. Im guessing since I can get to both cards that they are in Xfire and are working correctly? Or could they both just be installed correctly but Xfire is not properly set up still?

  3. Well I went ahead and just disabled Xfire in the CCC to see if that made any effect on my final score. And with Xfire Enabled I got a 15557 score. With Xfire disabled I got a 12530 score so it dropped by about 3k. I figured a second video card would boost it up a bit more than that but I guess not. Either way, I now know that it is configured and working correctly.

    Thanks for the help treefrog.

    By the way, one more question. Is it normal to only get 1-3 FPS during the CPU testing on the 3Dmark06? I got a decent CPU so I figured it would do better, but maybe not.

    Anyways, Thanks again.
  4. You're welcome. 1-3 FPS is normal on the two Red River iterations - on both rigs in my sig. GPU-Z has a box on the bottom of the first tab that shows whether or not corssfire is enabled.

    Your sig shows you have a CM-690, have you visited this thread?
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