Saphire 5870 vapor X --- can anyone find it??

Ive been looking to get a saphire 5870 vapor X but for the life of me i cant find it. I saw it ONCE on newegg for around $430 but it had a sold out tag on it. that was months ago and now i cant seem to find one. the only site i found that carries it is called zipzoomfly and they are selling it for $500. for that price i could get a 5970. Id probally pay it but i have never heard of this site before and i dont know if they are any good.

Edit: I just noticed that zipzoomfly is out of stock with no eta of new arrivals.

I was wondering if anyone had any info that could help me out. id apreciate it. thanks
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  1. Do you plan on seriously overclocking your 5870?? The standard cooler on it works great, it just gets a bit noisy but only at very high fan speeds. Personally i wouldn't pay so much just to get a better cooler. If u cant find it, then why not try an aftermarket cooler??
  2. Yeah, the Vapor-X cooler is definitely a BAMF, but not worth that much of a premium. You'd be better off getting one with a normal cooler and adding a Zalman VF-1000 to it.
  3. I currently have a 4870 vapor x and I am sooo impressed by it's low temps and how quiet it is. I average around 50c when playing a demanding game at max wit almost no noise. When I saw it on newegg a while back it was selling for only $430 so I would definately buy at that price. I was wondering if they had been discontinued or recalled or anything
  4. No, they're just rare, I guess because of some issues at TSMC. However, if you do settle upon a 5870, I would totally be interested in that 4870. It would be a perfect match to mine. :)
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