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i'm sure that there are hundreds of posts about hard drive failures, but i am too lazy to search through them. long story short, my main hdd failed so i had to create a partition on the big drive as my main drive. one day i noticed my computer on the floor and cat hair everywhere. booted up, everything seemed fine. 6 hours into skyrim, the game sort of froze and i restarted the pc. after i restarted it, the drive would not show up in the bios. i have been googling everything i could about it but i can't seem to figure out what the problem is. can anyone help me fix it? oh by the way, the hdd is a WD15EARS 1.5TB.
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  1. This sadly sounds like one of those situations where there isn't much you can do. Try it in a new PC if possible just to ensure its not a motherboard issue, change it over to a new SATA port as well. If none of those things work I'm pretty sure the drive is simply dead =(
  2. well i know it's not the mobo because i have another hard drive in here that is working fine in the same port. i could try in another mobo but i doubt that will work because i have several externals that i tried to use with no luck. i really don't want to lose the drive... D=
  3. First stop using the drive or trying to use it. If you have another drive set it as the primary and do a clean install of windows. The plug in the data and power leads for the damaged drive. If it can be recognized you may be able to retrieve your data before it dies. Even if it starts to work I would not trust it.
  4. i already did a clean instal of windows on a different drive. i haven't touched the bid drive in almost 24 hours. i could try plugging it back in to see if the bios will recognize it.
  5. Yes do that and then reboot to see if windows sees it. If it is there start to copy the files you want.
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