Which Cooler should I get?

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  1. I'm partial to cool looking parts and don't really care if they are top quality just as long as they do the job.
    Thr Xigmatek Collisium is one cool looking cooler and will look real good with a side window.
    Second choice would be the Cooler Master X-6.
  2. Thanx.

    I think I'll get the Xigmatek
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    I think that it will look real sharp with a side panel window and should also perform well.I'm sure there will be people saying that you should get a better performing cooler but this one looks like it can do the job and maybe that extra degree isn"t needed and the looks is. Nice choice.
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  5. Were you able to find the XIGMATEK colosseum anywhere? I think it looks cool as well but cannot find it for sale anywhere
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