Upgrade a d 805 to an e5300

I'm about to upgrade my gigabyte 945gzm-s2 (rev 2.1) MB from a D 805 to an e5300. I have 2 gigs of 533 memory in the MB. Does anybody know if this will work?
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  1. Wolfdales will not work on that board at all.

    List of CPUs that are supported and not


    The best it shows working for that board is a E4700. It says a E6700 conroe will work too but will be limited to a 800mhz FSB which will severly hurt performance. Your best bet is to upgrade your motherboard. On a budget you should look at an AMD system.
  2. What a bummer. I did check the gigabyte site before I bought it but they only had the specs for a revision 3 MB which will support that chip.

    What does the revision number indicate anyway? I was hoping that it was just the different bios levels.
  3. I am not sure what they changed in the revisions but 2.1 and 3.x are the same for the cpu lists the rev 6.6 has support for a 1066mhz FSB. But no matter what revision a 45nm chip will not work and for the one you have it will only support cpus with a 800mhz FSB or lower.
  4. You are right. I went back to the gigabyte chart that told me I could use it and paid more attention. The n/a over on the right means no.
    Well I guess I'll byte the bullet and upgrade to an 1156 or 1366 even though they are a little more expensive than I care to pay. But I don't really want a high end end of life socket like the 775s. I guess I'll spend the next few hours on the guide to choosing parts and the homebuilt PC buying guide.

    Thanks for setting me straight.
  5. ^ Don't forget to consider an AM3 ;)
  6. Just overclock that D805 - they regularly hit great overclock speeds when you have a good cooling solution. I can hit 3.6 -to 4ghz (depending on ambiant) on mine. and run 3ghz all day even when its sweltering out. Its a great chip!!!
  7. Ironically I originally bought this MB because it's suppose to be good to OC. However I never really needed more speed until I downloaded a 720p train ride across Norway. Since I run Linux on this box I cannot use the handy winders software that came with the MB to OC it. I tried OC'ing once before and had some problems. See this link for a full explanation:


    But popatim talked me into trying again. The only thing in the BIOS you can change on this MB is the CPU Host Frequency which was set to 133. I eventually got it up to 170 which was fast enough for 720p. I tried 190 and it wouldn't even post. Oh well, at least I already knew how to zero out the CMOS.

    Thanks for everyones input.
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