4+4 pin eps the same as 2x4?

I have just nearly completed my first build, but have hit a snag. The motherboard i got has a cpu power connector that says 2x4 12 volt. But my power supply doesnt have that connector,it has a 4+4 connector, where the connector is two pieces. Can i use the 4+4 instead? The square shapes almost match up, it will fit in but not the "right" way. Does anybody know if the wiring these connectors use is the same? This sucks... --motherboard --PSU
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    Well on the specifications page of the thermaltake it says it has a 4+4pin ATX 12v connector. If it was me I'd just orientate each 4pin connector to align properly with the slot. I just think you're being paranoid my boy.
    Also if you go to the bottom of the third post/guide on the Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC by Tecmo you can see that he has posted a pic of a complete build, using a similiar mobo to yours and it only has one of the 4pins inserted, so you could do either and be fine.
  2. Okay ill take your advice, thanks.
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