GTX 260 Underperforming?

srry not sure wtf is wrong here is my original post

Do you happen to know why in Crysis warhead.. everything maxxed I get 20-40 fps (800x600, Enthusiast) on gtx 260 216 Q6600 @ 2.4 ghz.. Could it be my mobo .. It was originally HP.. Then I bought new case, fans, psu(PC POWER & COOLING 750W), and the GTX 260? And the wierd thing is, I roughly get the same on 1440x900!! This isn't theo nly game it happens in others aswell.
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  1. well unless both my google chrome and firefox are messed up, i dont see a thing.
  2. Do you guys know why It wont let me post my everest report?
  3. Anyone care to help? I would really like to know if it is a bottlneck or not.. My everest report wont go for some reason!
  4. You do realize that you are running Crysis Warhead, the most stressful game on any system. Granted the low resolution puts most all the bottleneck on the CPU, but it's still Crysis. See if an overclock will improve performance.
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