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Hey guys I picked up a I7 940 from work for 75bucks so I was thinking of building me a gaming rig. Items from my current computer that will go over is two intel 160gb SSD, two evga 260 graphic cards, 1000w corsair powersupply, coolmaster HAF 942 case and a corsair H50 cpu cooler. What would be a good choice for a motherboard and how much ram would be good? Don't want to spend more the 700 on board and ram. Don't know if I should go micro or full atx board and so this doesn't come up I DO NOT OVER CLOCK that not something I care about mainly for gaming.
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  1. Well...
    For $700 you could buy a pretty awesome motherboard and RAM to match.

    That's a lot to spend on a motherboard and RAM...

    This motherboard is hardcore awesome-ness!

    This RAM is about as good as it gets! (You can buy RAM that clocks faster but not without overclocking and you said you don't do that) Buy 2 sets for 12GB!

    Total Price: $737
    (I know it's $37 over you budget but hey, You've obviously got money to spare. I just built my computer and the whole thing is worth less than that.)
  2. Let's see . . . got a good deal on a 940, will not OC, willing to go SLI. Here's some suggestions:

    Gigabyte ATX mobo ($210). Pefrectly servicable, recommended, and suitable for OCing as well. Since you have chosen your case (not a bad choice either) and are willing to SLI, there's no reason not to go with an ATX mobo:

    GSkill 3x2GB DDR3 1600 CL8 memory, $150:

    or, if you want to save $20 (and not notice the difference in speed in real world applications lol):

    GSkill 3x2GB DDR3 1333 CL9 memory, $130:

    That's all you need, and answers the questions you asked.

    [Edit: I missed that you already own the 260s. My Bad.]

    However, I'd like to offer a suggestion if you are buying 2x260s at retail prices. Don't lol.

    1xGigabyte GTX 460 (or buy 2 if you are gaming above 1920 screen resolution), 1GB, OC'd, ($230)

    At stock, the performance of the 460 and 260 are roughly comparable:,2697-7.html

    One should suffice at 1920, buy the second if/when you need/want it. For a few bucks more you get DX11, much lower power consumption, and far less heat.

    Have fun!
  3. If you are NOT overclocking and gaming is your main concern, do not spend too much on just the motherboard and RAM, Instead, focus on getting a better video card solution. My suggestion is as follows:

    Motherboard/RAM combo:

    Video Card:

    Total comes to $600.00 Flat, but the goal here is to add another GTX 460 as soon as you can, all you have to do is save $130.00 more or perhaps sell the two GTX 260's and you will have yourself one killer setup with SLI GTX 460's
  4. Twoboxer... beating me to the chase... Kudos man!
  5. LOL.
  6. I think that chart is wrong, the GTX 460 1GB version is similar to the GTX 285 in performance and beats it in alot of games... Not to mention DX11, tesselation, 3-monitor support in SLI mode, low temps, rediculous overclocking potential, etc...

    These benchies will support my claims.
  7. Two GTX 260's in SLI will be fine for gaming but two GTX 460's will be better.

    no need in going overboard in spending $$$ on RAM or motherboard. The motherboard offers features over performance so the ASUSone you chose would be the best choice.

    As far as RAM goes, you are just blowing $$$ spending $260.00, you will not see any real-world performance increase if you choose that RAM over what i suggested, only in RAM intensive programs/tasks would you see the benefit, but not in games.
  8. Cool I'm going with the asus board do I need more then 6 gigs of ram? I don't mind getting it if I don't have to worry about upgrading a year down the road.
  9. 4GB is more than enough for gaming so 6GB is all you will need for some time. RAM is an essential part of a gaming rig but it is over rated and not as much as a contributing factor as a CPU or GPU or even an SSD is in some cases... Don't get me wrong, you don't want to get 3 GB of value RAM but 6GB of the G.Skill RAM i posted is more than enough. In my opinion, get the ASUS board, the G.Skill RAM and shoot for getting 2 x GTX 460's in SLI. That will be a killer setup that you will not have to worry about for some time... and then some...
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