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I am followed the guide to building a new pc, and it all worked. My brand new computer booted up after a small issue figuring out that I had plugged the fan control in wrong on the motherboard. I got through the BIOS, and set it to begin installing windows 7, and then it just went dead. The MOBO led light still works, but when i press power the fans weakly turn an inch then stop. I went through the Won't Boot checklist (I don't have a PC speaker, but the BIOS seemed to recognize the CPU and RAM) and can't seem to find the problem, any suggestions?
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  1. can you list the specs of your PC as well as the make and model of the power supply
  2. Some fans are energy efficient now, and only run when needed. It may not be a problem at all. Can you still get into the BIOS, and boot off your OS disc to start the format/install process?

    If not try unplugging all non essentials. Boot with only 1 RAM chip, PSU, CPU/HSF, power switch, and onboard video (if your board has it).
  3. Corsair TX-750
    Asus M4A78T-E
    AMD 955 BE
    G.Skill DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)

    and aford10 it won't boot up at all so I can't get into BIOS
  4. Then try booting with the basics listed above.
  5. nothing, dead
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    My advice would be to unplug everything, and start from scratch.

    Remove the motherboard and place it on a piece of cardboard next to the case. Reseat the CPU. Then try connecting the basics. I forgot to mention, if you have a motherboard speaker, plug it in too. It would be useful now.
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  8. :lol: Thanks r_manic
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