OCZ vs Adata

OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold 2GB 1600MHZ $48.77 CAD OR ADATA DDR3 1600MHZ 2GB $59.77 CAD OR should I go with something else? It's a gaming pc but im on budget so ....

What should I go with ? I have been trying to build my new system and it's taking too long ! because everyone has a different opinion!
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  1. Spend less money. I don't know what the timings are since you didn't give a link. But since you are concerned about the $11, I will tell you that you will NOT notice the speed difference (if any) for the more expensive memory.
  2. Gaming PC on a budget? then go for 4gb of cheap brand stuff.

    you will notice way more performance from having more RAM, than from having high-end sticks.
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