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I want to upgrade my PC for the next STALKER installation. I heard the game is going to use DX11 and is gonna come out around February. Should i get two 5750s? two 5770s? or one 5850. I really dont wanna spend the extra cash on the 5770s, however, if they give better performance than the 5850 then ill get them. Oh and i will be playing the game on 1920 x 1080 if it helps, i want as many bells and whistles as i can get.
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  1. Two 5750's should be similar if not slightly faster than the 5850. Two 5770's are about as fast as a 5870 if not slightly faster.

    I personally would like the idea of going for a single 5850 so that in a year when the next big thing comes out, you can buy another 5850 (and by then they'll be nice and cheap) and have a big boost in performance with less money spent.
  2. Well, if this benchmark, with the current stalker game, any indication...

  3. oh my system is. ASUS P5E + intel e6750 @ 3.4 ghz, 4 gigs ram, corsair 650 watt psu, and a 500gb 7200 rpm hard drive. My old gpu is a AMD HD 4850. Thanks for the replies
  4. If you are getting a new GPU specifically for this game, I'd tell you to wait and see what the review are like when it's released, then choose accordingly. Your curent card should be good for you until then.
  5. ok ok, im always in favor in spending less money...ill just get another 4850...thanks
  6. Keep in mind, you won't be able to use the DX11 features of the game.
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