Need help overclocking the asus sabertooth p67

Hey guys, i was wondering something, in my last thread, i made no sence in what i was trying to ask.
i got this board and i know nothing about it nor do i intend to mess with voltages or settings unless i know what im doing.
I am trying to get my intel core i5 2500 to run at 4.1 ghz, but its the non k version. I know that its possible, by overclocking it with the bcle settings. i have it on 106.1 but it only runs my cpu at 3.5 ghz. i know that this cpu cant possibly be that limated, my old motherboard, the intel DH67 CL dould over clock it to 3.70 ghz! why can that board do that and my new one cant? i am about to use that board instead. yes it dosnt have the best top of the line armor on it but i want to overclock. i had it running at one point at 3.80 but then once i got into the bios, it reset and underclocked to 3.33 ghz again. please im desperately asking for ones help, ill exen exchange text messaging, or ill like your facebook page if you have a business. i should have just baught the K series for 20 bucks more but im just stuck with this processor. anyone ever been in my shoes? im afraid to up the voltage.
here are my specs and maby you can help me get it to 4.1 ghz like it should run to. the k series i know can probably go to 5 ghz.

Intel core i5 2500 cpu non k
Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti graphics
8 gbs of DDR3 pny @ 1333 mhz in dual channel, 4 2 gbs sticks
Sabertooth p67 asus
Haf 932 advanced full tower case
750 watt enermax PSU
removable cables.

I swear it is possible. no one around here supports ocing because their stuck up on their business expectations.
the pitiful thing is google dosnt even have one article about the 2500 non k cpu, its all the 2500k. would appreciate it.
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  1. no one know .. just get maximum stable your OC
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