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Quite a few years ago, I purchased a top-of-line (at the time) custom PC which a friend put together for me, and ever since then, I've been trying to upgrade to keep it up to par with technology. It's been too long and now it's long past it's replacement date, so I'm looking to buy a new custom PC for around 2000-2500 dollars. I was looking for places (in Canada) that could prebuild my system for me, but they were either only in the states (Duty kills me), untrustworthy, or alienware(Not alot of room for future customizing I've read). With that said, if anyone does have a good site for a custom PC such as I'm looking for that is in Canada, awesome. But I'm afraid I'll have to go the route of building my own. I know it's the cheaper and better way in the long run, but i'm at the level where I don't know enough to be comfortable building my own, but have enough knowledge to give it a shot.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the month preferably
BUDGET RANGE: $ 2000-2500


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers


PARTS PREFERENCES: i7 series, preferably Nvidia GPU but open to advice, Mid-Full Tower with window, Raid 1 hard drive set up
OVERCLOCKING: not now, but maybe down the road


I would like a Raid 1 set up (preferably 1TB each) for all my movies and music. Looking for a mobo which has enough slots to expand (thats my problem with alienware). As for the video card, I'm not too picky on my choice, but I am running a 4 monitor set up currently and would like to keep it. I'm debating if I should get two gtx260 in SLI such as these:
gtx 260

Or do I upgrade further to a gtx 285 or 295 or something along those lines. I would only have 2 monitors then, but I still have a functioning GeFroce 6200 that I can plug into PCI just for the sake of an extra two monitors when I'm coding. I only really need 1 or 2 monitors max when gaming.

I was also looking at this combo:
i7, mobo, RAM

The mobo gives me many ports to expand/upgrade later on (or maybe I need to upgrade to a better one?), 12GB of RAM should be more than enough for my coding (my IDE runs out of ram sometimes when I run certain code), and the processor should last me a while.

I was looking into fans for RAM and liquid cooling, but I wasn't sure how much of it would be necessary? I know I need an increased power supply if I use SLI, but how much is enough? how much should I get since I plan to upgrade my system, but not keep changing my power supply? 850W? 1000W?

As for the case, I was looking into something like this:
Case w/ window

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
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    Your CPU, RAM & MOBO is a decent combo, which gives you enough memory to help with your coding.

    I would go with this case instead (not a fan of cases with doors)... Antec 300 Illusion

    As for GPU, I would go with the new ATI 5670 cards in Crossfire, which is plenty for your uses (unless you are more of a heavy gaming, which the 5770 or 4890 would be the better options in Crossfire).

    As for PSU, it depends on what you do for a GPU's. Example, running the 5670's, you could run with the Corsair 650TX. If you go with higherend GPU's, you will want to run at least a Corsair 750TX (I recommend the 850TX).

    I would go with either the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB or WD Black 1TB for your hard drives. I trust WD more but Samsung is the faster/newer drive.

    Any standard SATA DVD 22x or higher Burner will do just fine. I won't go down the Blu-Ray route unless you are a major movie fan and plan to use the PC for movies.

    edit: Forgot to mention a HSF & OS.

    I like both the Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V and Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus for HSF's. Great performers for the price.

    I would make sure you run Windows 7 64-bit OS of your choice (Home, Pro or Ultimate)
  2. If you can wait a few weeks you can run up to 6 monitors off a single gpu. 5870 Eyefinity Six Edition.

    Supposed shelf date is February, but ATI is being exceptionally closed lipped about it. Of course even when it does hit I'm sure you'll have supply issues much like the 5970 is seeing now.

    The only other thing to keep in mind concerning this setup is anything beyond the first two monitors requires displayport. That can either come through a native port, or through an active adapter. There are two versions of the adapter you can use (with varying success) Displayport > DVI (100$), or Displayport > VGA (35$).

    The advantage of this comes in the form of the Eyefinity technology. Not only does it support up to 6 monitors (all ran at same resolution, same orientation portrait or landscape) it does so as a single large resolution. So, instead of having 4 independent monitors, what you really get is a single large surface that spans across the 4 montiors giving ultra-high resolution.

    As it stands right now, any of the ATI 5xxx series supports up to 3 monitors in Eyefinity.
  3. a4mula said:
    If you can wait a few weeks you can run up to 6 monitors off a single gpu. 5870 Eyefinity Six Edition.

    That setup does sound killer, but I should add that all my monitors are not the same size / orientation. I have two 22" landscape, 1 19" landscape, and 1 17" portrait. If I had the money to upgrade all of my monitors then maybe, but for now I don't think I could go the route of the 5870 Eyefinity. But man does that ever sound sweet haha.
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