"1066 by AM2+/AM3 CPU" - what does this mean?

I'm switching from Intel to AMD, but I can't quite afford to make the jump to DDR3 yet.

I've got 4 sticks of DDR2 800 RAM. Finally decided on a motherboard, but it includes the above phrase.

Does "1066 by AM2+/AM3 CPU" mean that I can't use anything else with AM2+/AM3 processors?

It's been too long since I've had to mess with my frankenbuild this much.
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  1. Link the motherboard and we shall answer your question.
  2. jonpaul37 said:
    Link the motherboard and we shall answer your question.

    It's that one.

    Also, I appreciate your help ^_^
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    The ddr2-800 should be fine, but it doe's suggest to use ddr2-1066 and also CPU info?
  4. If ur gonna use AM2+/AM3 processor you will probably have to install DDR2 1066, looking at the board you posted.
  5. I intend on using a Phenom II x4 945.

    Are you sure? Others have been telling me that it means the 1066 RAM won't work with anything but AM2+/AM3 processors.
  6. Read the feedback on this page, you will surely find your answer there...
  7. Your still gonna be able to use ddr2 1066 i just think it might not run @ 1066 though nt 100% sure you would be best installing DDR3 Ram normally works better with the 945 but also supports socket AM2+ and DDR2. a change of mb would be good.
  8. The reason I went with a DDR2 motherboard is because:
    a. Had 8GB of DDR2 already
    b. Extremely limited budget

    I went with that particular MB because Newegg happened to have a sale on it for $30 (open box of course). That fit the budget.

    For future reference, you can use any type of RAM listed with any combination of CPU (assuming it's compatible with that mobo) - however, 1066 DDR2 RAM will ONLY work if you use an AM3 processor.
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