Need help with my e8400

I built this computer 4 years ago... and im trying to get stable FPS in guildwars 2. Im getting like 5 fps in fights....

I was going to buy a new CPU possibly... but then I thoguht about overclocking.

Here are my specs

e8400 on a gigabyte motherboard (id have to look) intel core 2 duo
4gb ddr2 coarshair
radeon hd4850
520w power supply

Is there any way somebody can help me overclock this CPU? Will it make any difference?
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    You may get some improvement with an overclock of your cpu however the single most important part in a gaming computer is the video card. So while an upgrade of the cpu would also mean a new motherboard and ram if you were to get a new video card you would get a good performance increase and then overclocking the cpu would make a big difference.
    One of the overclocking guides is linked at the top of this poat and there are other stickys in the forum that will give you instruction on overclocking. You can also get a lot of info from a google search on the subject. The important thing on overclocking is that it is a tedious time consuming process that requires a lot of patience and knowing what to do.,3107-7.html

    This is a graphics chart that will show you where video cards are in order of best to worse and where your card falls as in comparison to others.
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