GTA SA doesn't work with my new graphics card

i just bought a BFG Geforce 8400 GS graphics card and everything works great!... except for the only reason i bought it!!!! san andreas doesn't work!! somebody please help me fix this!
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  1. what do u mean with "doesn't work"? error? or what?
  2. If you have certain types of themes installed disable them and then try.
  3. wa1 said:
    what do u mean with "doesn't work"? error? or what?

    when i go to and click on the game it shows the loading disk for the game then it goes away and just doesn't load. it doesn't crash or anything it just doesn't even open
  4. Quote:
    Please elaborate on that.

    Secondly what is your full system specification?

    i'm away for the weekend so i don't know what exactly my specs. are but GTA SA worked before i installed the graphics card. it worked on the absolutle lowest graphics but it worked, and now it doesn't work at all
  5. Quote:
    Wait until you are back at home and can provide me with more iniformation and the specification and then posts back and we'll see if we can help you.

    okay will do
  6. I GOT THE FRICKEN THING TO WORK!!!! HALELUA!!! thanks for your posts
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