Corsair H80 vs Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro

Which would be better for an i7 3770k OCd?
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    They are both very close in size and in overall performance. On the Corsair they have higher rpm fans and on the Thermaltake they have a thicker radiator so that's why I said they were both very close.
    When it comes to feedback the Corsair has close to 500 , while the Thermaltake has 31 , however the Thermaltake has much better feedback and everyone seems to be happy with thier purchase and the Corsair is allover the place.
    You might have to flip a coin on this one.
  2. Thermaltakes water stuff is tat, do not buy any TT water gear!,
    I never thought I'd say this, but the H80 if its between those two, H100 if you can afford/fit it and real water when you're ready :-)
  3. TT water 2.0 is essentially an H100.

    You are really choosing between a Toyota Camry and Honda Accord when you are comparing these...both are decent and do what they are designed to do for decent cost but not overwhelming performance.
  4. TT water 2.0 pro for sure!
  5. Why do you say that?

    H80 and Water 2.0 would essentially deliver the same cooling performance. How is it that simple to answer definitively one way or the other?
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  7. I guess we'll go for the cheapest one, thanks all!
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