PSU for intel q8300 - Please answer as quick as possible

I have an intel q8300 core 2 quad at 2.5ghz, and I am choosing an icute 450w psu.
It has an ATX12V P4 connector, does that mean it won't work with my processor, on the intel site it says that for a core 2 quad processor you need an ATX12V 2.2 power cable from the PSU, is that true or is it because I dont understand.

Product Details:
1 x 20/24-pin ATX Power Connector (Connects directly to the motherboard)

1 x 4-pin P4 Connector (Connects directly to the motherboard)

1 x 6-pin PCI-E Connector (Normally for extra power to PCI-Express Graphic Cards)

1 x SATA Connectord (Hard Drives, Optical Drives etc)

5 x Molex Connector (Hard Drives, Optical Drives etc)

1 x 4-pin Berg Connector (Floppy Drives etc)

Is this the right PSU for my pc's processor.

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  1. What are the rest of your specs? You need to work out the power required to run your entire system with emphasis on your graphics card since this is generally the most demanding piece of hardware.

    The difference between ATX12V and ATX12V 2.2 revision is mainly due to the growing popularity of multi-core processors. The new revision has an 8pin CPU power connector as opposed to the old 4 pin. This is to supply more power to the more demanding multi-core CPUs. Most new motherboards now will have the 8 pin connector. It is not essential in the majority of situations to have the 8pin CPU connector on your PSU but it is advisable and there's no real reason why not when you're buying a new PSU.

    Personally I have never heard of icute PSUs so I wouldn't recommend them. Stay away from anything cheap since a bad PSU can take your entire system down with it. Go for something more reliable like a Corsair, Seasonic, Antec etc.
  2. my pc is a packard bell x5620.
    Anyway the psu is sold in maplin. Here in London.
    The PSU has all kinds of protection (overload etc).
    I just want to know if ti will work with my core 2 quad processor.
    My motherboard is the following:
  3. That system uses an integrated GeForce 7100 graphics solution so a good 450W PSU should run it without a problem. However I stress the word good, and would seriously recommend buying a quality PSU from a manufacturer with a good repuation.

    I'm from the UK too and Maplin are very overpriced in my opinion. I would bet that for the same money, if not a little more that you good pick up a good Corsair CX400 from an online retailer. It's up to you though of course.
  4. I might get an akasa or a stealthxstream then but will the 4 pin atx12v be compatible with my processor or do i need an atx12v 2.2.
    I am just asking if a normal atx12v i compatible with a quad core processor or if I would need to buy an atx12v 2.2.
  5. one more thing if i buy from ebuyer, and i use my sons under under 16 debit card(he is 15) then can i pay by paypal and buy a psu from there or do i need to use my own debit card because i need this item quick.
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