ASUS M4A89GTD PRO vs Gigabyte 890gpa

i'm about to order my new system and i seem to have come to a fork in the road. I'm trying to choose between two different motherboards.


i like the look of both, they both have built in GPU's which is always nice for trouble shooting

im not too big on overlocking my Mobo but i may try some GPU and CPU OC's later on once the system becomes outdated. or a little slow.

ofc i am open to other suggestions

heres the rest of my system as it will most likley be relevent.

HDD: Smasung spinpoint 500gb sata
GPU: vapor-x 5870 sapphire
PSU: corsair 750hx modular 750w
RAM: G.SKILL ripjaws DRR3 2x4gb 1600
CPU: AMD Phenomx4 965 Black edition 3.4ghz
Case: Antec 902 ATX mid tower
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  1. I know this is an old post, but if it doesn't help you specifically, it might help someone else.

    I have to recommend the ASUS because of my first-hand experience with it and similarities to your other components. I run identical processor with very stable OC at 4.0 GHz. Also, my RAM is similar although I am running a single 4GB kit (F3-12800CL8D-4GBRM). With some minor BIOS tweaking I got the RAM running at 1600 MHz (it defaults to 1333). Then a simply change of the CPU Ratio to 20.0 gave me a no-hassle, stable overclock.

    But to be fair I have not read up much on that particular Gigabyte board.
  2. Yeah i went with the gigabyte my friend had the ASUS board abd it works great for him and i know ASUS has amazing customer service. his board didn't work when he first got it but within 3 days they sent him a new on free of charge. He uses a 1055t and is at 4.0 im using my 965 on my 890gpa. really looking at them there is hardly any difference
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