5870 CF, 860 @ 4,0 GHZ, 25k @ Vantage, MW2 40 fps?!

Been searching forums for days even this one, i cannot seem to find a decent explenation for this. However at atis forum theres alot of people having this sort of problem.

Okay so lets get going.

Ive got the following setup;
I-860 @ 4,01ghz (Tried with HT on and HT off)
XFX XXX 5870 @ 900/1300 in crossfire (tried unclocked and overclocked, also tried with 1 card.)
X-25 intel 80 gb ssd raid 0 (functioning as the should)
Windows 7 64bit home premium

All tests ive done turns out great, allthough first time i ran vantage i had alot of artifacts in the first scene but they went away after a reboot and some other fixes, ive ran numbers of vantage (trial) runs and they all turn out fine. Ive also run 3dmark 06 and other minor tests like cs source stress tests.

Ive compaired and compaired over the internetz and my results are above avrage for my setup.

Results in benchmarks:
Vantage: 22554P with Cpu @ 18428 and GPU @ 24374 ( This was with HT OFF! )
Vantage: 23670P with cpu @ 24582 and GPU @ 23381 ( HT ON! )
3dmark 06 highest one: ~26700P
Cs source stress test (just for the sake of it): topping right below 600 fps at low settings, 186,05 at everything maxxed except AF super mode, that was at adaptive mode and AA was at 24 not 32 (edge detecting)

Its all fine!

Fun part is i was really worried when i put in my second GFX the other day (this setup is more or less brand new) because ive got a 620w corsair and had to use molex adapters and besides that my motherboard is only X16 2,0 + X4 2,0

But as you can see everything is performing the way it should!

Except for one bloody game, unfortionatly the one game i ment to use this setup for. Call of duty modern warfare 2.

Before i begin going through MW2 I shall also let you guys know that this is a clean copy of windows 7 (fresh installed) and ive tried numbers of catalyst drivers, 9.10, 9.12, 9.12 with hotfix, 10.1 beta (all reinstalled with driversweeper)

Besides from a few fps in diffrence, nothing works.

I shall also let you guys know that my cards are around 40C idle and rarly go above 60c even in stress tests.

So everything works perfectly fine, except for in MW2.

In MW2 ive tried reinstalling several times. Ive tried all the diffrent settings, ive tried the "r_drawwater" fix with no success. And so on. I have as you can see, done everything. Obviously this is a driver issue (atleast i hope so) because exactley everything else ive tried (more games than mentioned above aswell ofcourse) works perfectly fine, or above fine.

The thing with MW2 is i get these stripes when i get flashed, this is no problem since everyone seems to be getting these (with 5870's). The major problem is my fps in the bigger maps drops down to ~45 but i suppose avrage is 91 (capped @ 91).

And yes its very playable but its not okay for me, some maps are almost unplayable due to huge fps drops. And since ive spent alot of money ion this setup I have to admit I am very dissapointed, even though I realize this is some kind of software issue.

As I mentioned earlier alot of people seem to have this particular problem but the thing is, I tried catalyst 10.1 beta and since no success I am worried there wont be no fix for this in a long time.

And oh right, ive defintly tried all the diffrent CCC settings, as you can see ive done more or less everything so please dont ask me this kind of questions. If you read between the lines you can tell that I need some qualified help here.

Okay so how come I bother even asking here? Well, I have seen a few setups identical to my own that actually has ~300 fps avrage with no fps drops below 220. Although this has been on random youtube clips and other stuff, where I have not had a chance to ask what CCC/windows version they are using and so on.

Bottom line: I need any kind of help, but I would appriciate that you read my post before you throw away stuff like "try lowering AA" or "what drivers are you using?" replies. Cause in the Swedish forums (im Swedish) the avrage age is ~13 and these people seem to be analfabetics or just plain retarded, no offense.

This is, as far as I know, the comphuter version of the AV forums in the U.S. If I were to find any help, it should be here.

Sorry for the ultra long post but im rather desperate as you might have noticed.

Real help is very, very appriciated.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you got some idea's.

Best Regards

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  1. You said you tried 1 card.

    Did you try both cards by themselves?
  2. No i havent, i never thought there was any point to it since i had the same problem with one card.

    Consithering my post, sorry for the terrible English, I am rather tired and English is not my main language.
  3. You shouldnt be getting artifacts in vantage. Your card sounds iffy, return and get a different one.
  4. What if the problem was on the card you tried?

    Basically, the only way to work these things out is to remove every possible fault in a logical manner. You've tried one card, now try out the other. If that doesn't work as expected then you can start looking at non-card faults.
  5. Argh honestly how come this works in exactley everything ive tried so far except for MW2?

    And about the first scene in vantage, i googled it and suprise suprise, alot of people getting it with 5870's.

    And as i mentioned, the problem was only in the first scene, first run ever in vantage, it could have been for numbers of reasons. That was the first time i fired up the CF setup. All benchmarks before and after that were totally fine.

    I do appreciate you guys trying to help me, but in that particular matter, im positive my cards are working as intended. 4 days of numerous of testing and it turns out perfect. Except for in MW2.

    And everything is fine in gpu-z aswell btw.
  6. I also got the strange artifact stuff in scene 1 vantage, that was with dual 5770's. It only happened once and I have no gaming issues (although I don't play MW2).

    I guess it's drivers, and you'll have to wait for a fix.
  7. Yea i know but that would have been fine in case they would fix it in 10.1 but the beta atleast, did not help at all.

    Since most of the topics on this matter that i can find atm are around 3 weeks old and alot of people got their 5870's after chrismas (atleast where i live), makes me think someone came up with a solution, but i cant find it :(
  8. Only thing i know so far that i forgot to include in the topic is that turning of "smooth smoke edges" and "shadows" gives me alot more stable fps. Not enough to be playable on certain maps though.

    Seems like driver issue to me. No one got any ideas?
  9. It's probably got something to do with shadows. I dunno why but quite often shadows are whacked in some games using ATI's. If there is an option to turn off dynamic shadows, turn it off and see if there is any improvement.

    Or you could try running it on total minimums, see what happens. If it's still struggling then it might be time to look at alternative reasons.
  10. have you tried running the game with lower memory OC? Just thinking there might be some not-so-good memory cells there somewhere that get used when playing that game with high details, and the way the memory error correction works it might cause sudden fps drops...
  11. Quote:
    wow lol. YOu bought that setuo for MW2???. HD 4670 can max it out lol :P

    Please fall and die IRL.

    To others: Yea ive tried lowering the OC on the gfx's.

    And yea ive tried running it on minimums and ofcourse the fps is around 200 in the "drops" but i still get these massive fps drops, its around 500 otherwise.
  12. Actually i tried it again, 500 was overrestimated, its around 350 at smaller spaces, drops down to around 150 or a few fps lesser in open spaces. So turning of exactley every graphical improving setting except for resolution, gives me around 20 fps more.
  13. maybe the problem caused by driver (assuming both your cards are fine). i myself only using 9600GSO and can max out MW2 setting though i played at low resolution.
  14. Yea i know.

    I was actually at a friend a few minutes ago who's got a 5770, he's got the same problem, although for some reason he have a few fps more than me. I tried same settings on his setup and he gets the same fps drops.
  15. What motherboard are u using, i am waiting for my new com and it have a


    is that good enough for my crossfire setup?
  16. kirk13 said:
    What motherboard are u using, i am waiting for my new com and it have a


    is that good enough for my crossfire setup?

    UD4 would be better with 8x+8x setup, UD3 has 4x on the second slot.
  17. What sound card are you using ?? - I know it sounds like a strange question but on some games the sound system will cause massive FPS loss due to codec issues try running the game with sound disabled for a test and see if the issue clears up. and the benchmarks don't test the audio system so since all seems well in the GPU benches it may well be the audio subsystem
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