Lga 775 Upgrade or not?

So, to my many friends at Tom's hardware, I have a conundrum. I have an old pentium d processer @ 3.00gz, with a 9800gt currently resting in her. I also have a c2d e8500 that I have personally gotten to 4ghz just sitting around. My current MOBO doesnt support c2d processors and I know that my 9800gt is being bottlenecked. My idea was to get a new lga 775 Mobo that supports sli and eventually pop a second 9800gt in for cheap to get good performance at the 1680x1050 that i play at.

Unfortunately nvidea chipsets are less than reliable....and I dont want to drop money on a new ati card.

Do I forget about the 9800gt and save up money for a new secondary gaming rig? Do I leave it as it is and have it struggle with old/current games, or do I drop the 85 for a MOBO and find a cheap 9800gt to upgrade?

Currently I game on

hd5850(overclocked ofcourse)
4gigs ram blah blah
samsung f3
corsair psu

upgrade rig
p4@3.0ghz stock
4gig some old dd2 ram
600w corsair psu
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  1. "nvidea chipsets are less than reliable" - do explain this to me.

    I've used nvidia mobos & gpus. Not a problem so far other than human errors.

    Let me get this straight. You got 2 pcs and you wanna upgrade the underdog? Forget it. Sell it and the C2Q rig and upgrade to an i5 750 with the same GPU & new DDR3.
  2. None of that makes any sense to me.

    "New LGA 775"? Don't bother. It's a good 2-3 years old tech and it's officially dead with the i3s out on the market.

    You shouldn't be struggling with games. You should be playing them on the system with the HD 5850...
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