Crossfire or Replace?


i need some tips about my graphics card and hope that you guys can help me out.

At the moment i got a Asus EAH4870/512 MATRIX, witch i realy like but im thinking of building a I7 systemen so what should you guys do ?

1)Add another "Asus EAH4870/512 MATRIX" and put the 2 together in cross-fire.
2)Change graphics card and buy a Ati 5xxx serie.

Well i hope you guys can give me some tips about this, Thanks for now! ;)
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  1. Keep the HD4870, and use it as a card in that computer.

    Seeing as how you're buying an i7 system, I'd assume you have the money for a newer card, such as the HD5870, which is the equivalent of two HD4870's (using less power, direct-x 11, less heat, all teh good stuff).
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