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we have just upgraded from one pc to two laptops and now trying to get connected to the net via a d-link wireless modem router. Is it possible to do this without it being connected to a main pc? If so how? we have an ADSL2+ connection.

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  1. When using a wireless router, your PC and laptops act independently. So you not only don't need to be "connected to the main pc", that PC doesn't even need to be running.

    [modem/wireless router]<-- wire/wireless -->[desktop/laptop]
  2. the problem is, we were going to get rid of the pc and just work from the laptops as there is not a lot of room in the office area. I'm guessing though that it is just not possible unless we actually have wireless broadband?
  3. I'm just not getting it. What does the other PC have to do w/ those laptops? I feel there's some other information you're not providing (or perhaps just assuming I know) that would make it clear. Are you perhaps using that PC as a gateway for those laptops in lieu of a router?? What does removing an unnecessary PC from the room change for the laptops??

    Btw, what make & model of ADSL2+ modem do you have?
  4. sorry, i'm not explaining properly.

    We just bought a D-Link DSL-2740B RangeBooster™ N Wireless ADSL2/2+ Router with 4-Port 10/100Mbps Switch to connect our two laptops to the internet. It is saying in the setup instructions that the D-Link needs to be connected via an ethernet cable to a PC or Laptop. This would be fine, but we want to be able to use the laptops wirelessly (hence us buying the wireless models), can't do that if the D-Link needs to be plugged in the laptop. Am I making any sense yet? lol
  5. Ok, I finally get it (I knew there was more to this story).

    You're taking those instructions too literally. They're only telling you to use an ethernet cable and PC for configuration purposes. If you use wireless, it's just more difficult. For example, suppose you change some wireless parameter while using wireless (SSID, security type, key, etc.). Maybe even make a mistake. Then as soon as you do, you have to go back and reconfigure your wireless laptop again to get reconnected and continue configuring the router. It's just annoying, a hassle, to be reconfiguring the very connection you’re using. It’s like trying to change a tire on a moving car; technically possible w/ the right equipment but not exactly convenient. By using a wired connection, you're not affected by all those wireless changes UNTIL you actually start using wireless. Once configured, you can remove the ethernet cable and be done w/ it.

    P.S. Always use a WIRED connection for firmware updates. You may never need to do a firmware update, but just in case you do, always use a WIRED connection.
  6. you are awesome! Thank you so much!! It was just not making any sense as we have seen others have these wireless modem routers, have them in one room and any wireless device just connects that way. Could not work out what the heck we had done wrong to actually need it to be plugged in!

    Ok, so we do the install/config then can just unplug and be done with it unless something goes wrong and we need to reconfig or update the firmware? Have I understood you right, or am I still flying in the clouds?
  7. Correct. A wired connection is just better/easier for doing configuration changes, at least major changes or initial setup. If you have to a make a small tweak here or there somewhere down the road, using wireless is fine. But ALWAYS use a wired connection for firmware updates, no exceptions.
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