Which card to buy and does ATI have a DVC of some sort like nvidia

Ok first of all please dont tell me what I need to upgrade... I know its Everything!

I have a Athlon 64 (single core) at like 2.2ghz~ and it says 3500+ though
2gigs of ram,
and currently a geforce7300GS.......

tomorrow im getting a radeon 4650, geforce 220, or 9500 GT...

a few humble questions, which card should I get? My power supply is a 400w with 16.5V on the...12th rail. Ive read the ATI card is good for my power supply, and price. this sounds great for me except I dont know if ATI has some sort of color correction that nvidia control panel has. Ive gotten addicted to it and consider it necessary at this point.... Im sure you know what I mean if you own an nvidia card. Its for the changes of intensity/vibrance of game color mostly but its invaluable all around

Next question... I actually can run MW2 multiplayer and its good enough with a bit of overclocking (lol) on my geforce7300GS. Dragon age runs ....very bad but playable. These are all played on the absolute lowest settings and the lowest attainable resolutions... but how do you think the video card will impact my performance will I be able to run most games at 800x600 with a few bells and whistles now? Or am I too far behind to consider this? All im hoping for is to play dragon age at a decent FPS, maybe play bioshock again and oblivion, borderlands... I know MW2 wil be fine with the upgrade... sorry for the rant but any intuitive advice would be helpful. Especially with the DVC thing thanks
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    The 4650 will be fine for all those games, and yes you can change the colour vibrance using ATI cards.
  2. another thing when your looking up video cards people always say that the card itself will run a certain game at high settings for them but they never mention their cpu power, in some cases this drastically changes the viewpoint for performance doesnt it? just wondering how much bearing the rest of the computer had on a games performance sans the video card
  3. ah very reassuring thank you for quick reply. =)
  4. do you think it can run Resident Evil 5, ...crysis?>
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