USB Keyboard works in BIOS but not in setup

Repairing Windows XP
USB legacy support enabled in BIOS
No PS2 ports on machine
No PS2 to USB adapter available
I can operate the BIOS using the keyboard
I can use the keyboard to choose my repair options in the initial windows setup screens (the blue or black ones before the pretty colored ones)
But when the install gets to the dialog box asking to approve the regional settings the keyboard (and mouse) are no longer working.
I have tried each USB port on the system (although not necessarily for each reinstall loop)

Any thoughts?
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  1. try a bios reset to defaults
    if this is a laptop try removing battery and run it only on cable.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    BIOS was reset to default
    This is a desktop.
    I am now trying a PS2 to USB adapter. No luck.
    When I plug the adapter into a USB port the LED on the adapter lights up indicating that there is power to the port. But when I plug in a keyboard the lights on the keyboard (Caps Lock etc) flash briefly and then nothing. Have tried several different keyboards.
    Going to try starting the reinstall from the top with this adapter. Not feeling lucky, thinking that the USB ports are just not getting the right drivers
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