Pc won\'t boot after installing new video driver

Uninstalled what i thought was unused programs and after rebooting i had no desk top icons or start menu bar. Used glary utilities to restore deleted files. I ran spybot and still had no icons. Had to use control, alt, delete, then the switch to option, to start any program. Went to system info, said i needed video driver- installed wrong driver, now nothing comes up when i reboot, not even bios.
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  1. Is this a laptop or a desktop?
    What video card do U have?
    Not even bios? Does it write anything on the screen? Any weird noises, lights?
    If it's a laptop, remove the battery and only run on cable, or remove battery , hold power button for a few seconds, then try again.
    If U manage to get into the bios eventually, U can do a few things with the xp cd.
    (maybe change bios defaults ,and with cd : scans, renames, etc)
    Write back and we'll see. (Hopefully no screw driver is needed :) ,just kidding! )

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