Thermaltake frio anormal fan speed

Hello, i have a problem with this cooler fan speeds, this coolers was working fine since last 5 months but now the rpm go up and down for secs from 1900rmp to 2500, and the cpu temperature is always around 30-35c even if the cpu is idle with no tasks. i Use this cooler with a asus p8p67 and core i5 2500k, i dont use overclock and i used EPU setting for max energy saving and i always have before the cooler speeds at 1600rpm now i cant understand how to control this cooler speed. I have this problem since last week and i put 12 gb of ram. I use before 4 always.
I will appriciate if someone can tell me how to low and put a stable fan speed -.- or if i have to change for a new cooler.
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  1. It may have something to do with the Max Energy savings setting that you are using , try a different setting and see if that fixes the issue.
  2. actually is the fan that have something wrong i leave the other one and was fine, one of the coolers are unstable and i cant regulate it speed anymore, go from 1600 rpm to 2500 and never down sometimes. I will have to find a fan replace for this thermaltake frio fan, any suggest?
  3. You should try to match the spec's of the other fan or replace both so that you have a new matching pair but if you only want to buy one then try to get one that has the same cfm and dba specs.
  4. Follow these steps:

    Enter your system BIOS by pressing the "F2" or "Del" keys on your keyboard before the computer runs the operating system. The layout of the BIOS varies, so explore the different options and see if it features a way to monitor and lower the CPU fan speed.

    Download SpeedFan if your BIOS does not support CPU fan speed changing. In addition to the ability to lower the fan speed, SpeedFan detects any hardware monitor chips in your system to report accurate readings of the CPU, hard disk and GPU temperatures. This freeware application also lets you see the speeds of other fans in your system.

    Download ASUS PC Probe II. ASUS PC Probe II works similarly to SpeedFan, as it lets you lower the CPU fan speed and monitor the temperatures of different components. One unique feature is that it runs in the background constantly checking if the system is regulating the fan speeds and temperatures. If the temperature or voltage reaches a certain threshold, ASUS PC Probe II yields an audio warning so you can take the necessary actions to cool your CPU or minimize usage.

    I hope this will solve your problem..

    If you want to just replace the ine defective fan then this one is a close match to the one that you have and will push the same amount of air'

    If you want to replace both fans and have a matched pair then you could consider this pair. They have a high static air pressure rating and are excellent for radiators and heatsinks.
  6. First make sure that the fan installed is a faulty one... Coz if it's not, then probably buying a new fan wouldn't be a wise decision!
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