Which mobo is right

which mobo is right for my mini gaming rig
i am using two evga 9800gt in sli
probely going to be using i5 quadcore
using thermaltake lanbox

mobo 1
mobo 2
mobo 3

which one is better and please recommend shoul i use i5 or amd athlon ii x4
and also which 4 gb ram is the best/performence
also know any good cpu cooler that can fit inside my case
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  1. The Maximus III Gene is the best of those options.
  2. The Asus is the best (runs PCIe at x16) for gaming, but costs $85 more than the EVGA. The EVGA runs the first PCIe slot at x8 which will cost you a very few percent decrease in frame rates, but if you are on a budget that $85 could jump you to a better video card and will more than make up for it.

    If you were to stuff 2 vid cards in that box, both mobos run SLI/xfire at x8-x8, so the EVGA would lose nothing.

    For memory,


    will deliver 1333 and CL9. You will not notice any difference in gaming using faster, more expensive memory.

    Cooler: Thermaltake specs say 100mm cooler is max.


    Their own AXP-140RT downdraft cooler meets the height - dunno about the other clearances, you should google for reviews and check the spec against your case.

  3. Go with this G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 are much better.
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