Unable to download anything from the net. I have Windows XP

I am unable to dowload anything on my PC, I cannot even upgrade Microsoft Security Essentials. Basically, I initiate a download, but it will download 99% of something and then just stop...regardless of what the download is. I run security scans with Microsoft Security, but it never picks up anything. This is driving me crazy!!! Help!
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  1. By stop, U mean any error messages or just dissapears?

    try another browser
    try cleaning your temp, ie history, bla,bla,bla... (U can use CCleaner)
    resett IE to default settings
    Tools>Internet Options> Advanced tab
    Click Reset
    Click Reset
    Close and reopen IE. Try downloading something.
    try downloading with IE clean, without any addons (U can consider this as a safemode for IE)
    Start >run > and type
    iexplore -extoff and press Enter
    Try and download something

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