Prime95 Benchmarks, How fast are you?

Welcome to my first post. I hope I get some awnsers here over on this forum. Anyways, not too long ago I created a list of prime95 benchmarks, and I'm looking for support from this community. All you have to do is run the Prime95 benchmark and post your resultes in my form. I will take care of the rest and the resultes of your pc and others will be sorted to your viewing. Good luck!
And for thoeses people who don't know what I mean by the Prime95 benchmark here's a mini guide I cooked up in 2 seconds :bounce:

Go download Prime95.

Install, open and Click options>Benchmark.

Wait till the end and get the resutles where it uses all your cores. The resultes you need are 1024k, 2048k 4096 and 8192k

That's all. Sorry for my bad english. :hello:
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  1. [Mar 27 18:43] Timing 22 iterations at 2048K FFT length. Best time: 10.925 ms.
    [Mar 27 18:43] Timing 11 iterations at 4096K FFT length. Best time: 21.721 ms.
    [Mar 27 18:43] Timing 10 iterations at 8192K FFT length. Best time: 53.255 ms.
    [Mar 27 18:43] Benchmark complete.
    [Mar 27 18:43] Worker stopped.

    This is all I have. I copied the window when the test was done and the 1024K Result was gone.


    RAM X 8
    QPI X 18
    Uncore X 16

    HT/SMT Enabled
  2. Could you redo it but hit PRT SCR when the 1024k result is there and post it in the fomr I linked please.
  3. failthread
  4. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
    CPU speed: 3605.73 MHz, 8 cores

    Prime95 64-bit version 25.11, RdtscTiming=1

    Timing FFTs using 8 threads.
    Best time for 1024K FFT length: 4.515 ms.
    Best time for 2048K FFT length: 5.979 ms.
    Best time for 4096K FFT length: 11.653 ms.
    Best time for 8192K FFT length: 23.166 ms.

    It says it's running 3.6 Ghz. This is my first overclock but with a higher multiplier and the turbo, cpu-z was saying 4.2 ghz on 4 cores.
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