First homebuilt system

Hi All

I am looking for a some help on building my first computer.

If it is worth it to upgrade the current computer I would be open to the idea but the system is a bit on the old side.

Budget around $ 1500 to 2000


This will be my everything computer. I am not a heavy gamer but I would like a computer that is quite fast and has the ability to run multiple applications at one time with out getting bogged down. I will use this computer for heavy Photoshop along with quite a bit of Excel work. I would like it to have quite high resolution and two monitors.

The other important factor is that the system very is quiet.

I currently have a Dell Precision 650
1024 ECC DDR SDRAM 266 mhz memory speed
Bus speed 533 mhz
3.20 clock speed
l2 cache 512 mb
l3 cache 2mb
74 gb hard drive
Running Win XP

Thanks John
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  1. I'd say it's time to lay the 650 to rest, or at least move it to server/htpc status.

    cpu: i7 860 269.99
    mobo: GA-P55-UD3L 104.99
    memory: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2gb 96.99
    gpu: ATI 5770 144.99
    case: Antec p193 159.99
    psu: Corsair 650tx 89.99
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb 86.99
    SSD: Intel X25-M 289.99
    Cooler: Corsair H50 77.89
    Monitor: Dell 2209wa 208.99 x2

    Total 1739.79

    Everything except the dells listed at newegg. The dells you'll have to call and ask them for the price. It's a price that's been honored for awhile now. Those are PVA monitors that will work great with photoshop. They are 1680x1050 (much better resolution for pc work than 1920x1080 which is a HDTV standard, 1920x1200 would be ideal, but you're looking at 350+ for the monitors). Finding a non-TN display at sub 300 prices is a tough thing.

    This pc will be all but silent, it'll multitask exceptionally well, and it'll push the max resolution for both monitors for all desktop applications. Gaming will be on the weak side. For another 150 you could step up to the ATI 5850, run your 2x monitors in eyefinity and get a good gaming experience.

    Make sure to install office and photoshop along with windows on the SSD. Everything else goes to the HDD>

    I'm sure if you play around with newegg combos you can shave a few dollars off this build.
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