1600MHz on a 1333MHz cpu/mobo


If i install 1600MHz of Modules on a mobo that has a support for 1333MHz Module speed (with the processor too with memory compatibility of 1333MHz Module speed)...

1-will the module work at 1600MHz or 1333MHz module speed?
2-any voltage/latency difference?
3-is it even right to do so??? (consequences if any)

Cheers :)
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  1. If you have memory that is rated for 1600mhz and you put it on a board that says it supports 1333 mhz but it also will support 1600 mhz (oc) and 1866 mhz (oc) then it will initially work at the boards rated speed of 1333 mhz. If you want it to work at the memory rated speed of 1600 mhz then you can enable the XMP Profile , if supported by both ram set and motherboard, and the ram will then run at 1600 mhz. If there is no XMP support then there might be a memory level up option with preset ram speeds in the bios that you could choose from.
    It will all be up to your motherboards bios options , but one way or another you can get the ram to run at 1600 mhz without consequences.
  2. That was really helpful :)

    But what if the mobo has no support for the overclock ram... will it still work at 1600 MHz?
  3. Nope, looks like your stuck with 1333, until you upgrade your mobo that is.
  4. What motherboard do you have? I'm not sure that there is a MB that doesn't allow you to overclock the ram.
    However you do need a way to get the motherboard to push the ram up to the 1600 mhz because the default setting is 1333 mhz.
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