Which video card should I buy?

I just purchased a Dell PowerEdge T100 server with Xeon E3110 processor and 4GB memory. It has three PCI Express (x8, x4 and x1) and one PCI slot. I have installed Windows 7 Prof on it.

Not realizing the tremendous limitations of the interface I separately ordered a XFX HD 4670 which seems to be not useful since it is PCIE 2.0 and none of the PCIE slots on the machine are full sized.

I also ordered a Diamond S9250PCISB. I thought I could use this in the PCI slot. The card that I received has a notch which is not matching with the notch on the machine. When I looked at the card on the Newegg website, it seems to have two notches.

I am NOT a gamer. The purpose of this machine was to watch and backup media, etc.

Questions -- (i) which video card would you recommend (I would prefer something with DVI interface) (ii) can I somehow use the XFX card or does it need to go back (iii) are there multiple versions of the PCI interface?
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  1. These were meant to be servers, and Dell has pretty much built them so you can't convert them into a desktop unit. You will have to go with one of these x1 cards, that is about all there is available (that I could find) that is compatible with the slots you have. None of your slots will accept a standard PCIe 16X card.
    I never had one of these, so I don't know about performance. Probably not a huge difference over the onboard graphics.
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