ATi WTF!!!!!

I have an ATi 4850 and I learned in the past hour while installing my second monitor setup that 4850s cannot handle a second monitor and be overclocked at the same time!!!!!!! :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou:

I am deeply disappointed. A simple driver fix has been in order for ages now and ATi has done NOTHING!! It is true - they are still in beta phase no matter WHAT! It has to do with the frequency being dropped when the card is not in use and there is no way to change this unless you go into the bios *ugh*. Either way - SHAME on you ATi!!!
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  1. don't tell that to my roommate, and his OCed 4850 running 2 23" screens...I wouldnt want to upset him
  2. My OCed 4870 handles a 17" and a 23" monitor just fine...and that uses the same 4x00 drivers as any 4x00 series.

    Are you using CCC overclock?
  3. OMG, I never realized my brother was hallucinating while he used his second monitor!!

    I think we need more info OP.. then we can help you get it working ;)
  4. It's that dreaded PEBKAC bug in the drivers again !! Damn Vikings !! :evil:
  5. TheGreatGrapeApe said:
    It's that dreaded PEBKAC bug in the drivers again !! Damn Vikings !! :evil:

    I say, go VIKINGS!!! Heck with those Cowboys
  6. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    I say, go VIKINGS!!! Heck with those Cowboys

    +1 GO VIKINGS!
  7. You guys are kinda missing the reference....

    Damn Vikings !! [:thegreatgrapeape:3]
  8. Dude WTF! How do you guys get it to overclock with a 4850?!? I am using CCC to overclock. I have been googling and browsing ATi forums like mad and this problem is STILL being posted so I have a hard time believing the lot of you. Granted the ones I have read are specific to the Sapphire brand 4850 which I have. This is BS!
  9. This thread has simply made my day.
  10. hmm my hd 4850 runs dual monitor perfectly fine, with or without OC
  11. Best answer
    werxen said:
    I really don't get wtf is so funny...

    Uh I think it's something like this;

    -FAQin' ATi, this doesn't work and it hasn't worked for a long while, why don't they fix it !!

    - Works for me.
    - Works for me too.
    - Yep, works for me.
    - Works for me.
    - Damn Vikings !
    - Works for me.
    - Works fo... wait, what, Vikings ?!?
    - Yeah Vikings.

    - Huh how did you guys do that?
    -You guys suck you say it works for you but I can't figure it out, and neither can these others (all of which are noobs from over a year ago) so you must be lying, fix mine or STFU.

    - Works for me too.

    That's how it's funny, throw yourself in with the people who shouldn't have nice things if you still think the problem lies elsewhere. :pfff:

    If you guys know how to fix it, post. Otherwise stfu.

    O'really? You've been here long enough to know better. How about simma' down now, or find another forum !?! :hello:
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