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Need MORE input on first build.

Last response: in Systems
January 22, 2010 7:11:17 AM


SYSTEM USAGE: Photoshop, MW2, Video/Music, Downloading
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Optical Drive, Case, PSU, Speakers
CROSSFIRE: Probably not

Well I have been researching for ages and swapping from builds to builds. It's my first build so I am not completely knowledgeable but I posted a thread before asking for input and got what I needed but I reckon I should ask again and let you guys to pick for me since you have more experience. I am in Australia so I can't buy anything from Newegg and I want all of it from Umart. Parts will be also a little more expensive.

All I need is a CPU, Mobo, HDD, RAM and GFX card. The case is all sorted and it comes with a 450W PSU. I am not sure whether to get a quad or dual? I would like the HDD at 500GB and something around $60-$70. The rest is really up to you. My overall budget is anything under $1000 (AUD) and I have calculated I have $500 for the CPU, Mobo, HDD, RAM and GFX card.
Any help, tips, pointers, suggestions, advice would be awesome!!

Just pick the parts from the following. $630 all up if you can.



Locked in Parts:

HDD: Seagate SATAII 500GB 16m Cache(ST3500418AS )

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January 22, 2010 10:23:37 AM

Updated first post
January 22, 2010 1:22:26 PM

vanbroeK said:
My overall budget is anything under $1000 (AUD) and I have calculated I have $500 for the CPU, Mobo, HDD, RAM and GFX card.

Sorry, I'm just having trouble understanding this (could just be that I'm an idiot). Are you saying that your budget for the entire rig is $1000 and you've already spent $500 for everything but the CPU, Mobo, HDD, RAM and GFX card? Or are you saying that you want to spend less than $1000 for the CPU, Mobo, HDD, RAM and GFX card? I'll play around at that site to see what I can find, but I'm a newegg guy at heart, so switching could be tough :p .
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January 22, 2010 9:19:14 PM

mavanhel said:
Alright, so here's what I put together:

CPU: Athlon II x2 240 $67.00

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 $108.00

GPU: PowerColor HD 5770 $189.00

RAM: OCZ 4G (2x2G) DDR3 1333 $139.00

HDD: Western Digital 500G SATAII $59.00

Total: $562.00

This was basically as good as I could get on this tight of a budget. Something you would like is to go up to a quad core, but that would significantly drop the quality of the GPU you would be able to get.

Thanks a bunch! I'll see what I can do to get the budget up a little higher.
January 22, 2010 9:51:11 PM

coldsleep said:
I'd second mavanhel's build except go with this Seagate 7200.12 500 GB for $61 instead.

+1 for the hard drive - I've never had any good experiences with WD and plenty with Seagate.
January 22, 2010 10:04:13 PM

Okay thanks I have worked out I have $630 for the RAM, CPU, MOBO, HDD and GFX

January 22, 2010 10:08:49 PM

Updated first post again and have approx $570 left minus the HDD
January 22, 2010 10:14:36 PM

So that's a little less than $90 over mavanhel's build?

Since you list your primary use as Photoshop, you'd probably benefit from getting a little better CPU, rather than trying to step up your graphics card at this point. If that just came to mind first, and gaming is more important, then a better graphics card would be next on the list.

This Phenom X3 would be ideal, but it's out of stock.

Next best in your price range is probably this Phenom X2, though if you can track down the X3, I think that would be much preferred.

For graphics cards, look here for ideas:,...
January 22, 2010 10:22:39 PM

Thanks again, I am pretty happy with the HD5770 that mavanhel posted up. I have been looking at that for a while and think it's ideal or should I look at the 5750? Also I reckon that a quad would be nice to me but do you think a triple would do the job?
January 22, 2010 10:26:34 PM

What about an AMD Athlon II X4 630 2.8Ghz AM3 95W it's the same price as the triple and I don't think I would be overclocking much at all.

EDIT: According to this it is better.
January 23, 2010 11:31:04 AM

One thing you have to watch out for when using these lists is that the benchmarks might not be tailored to your needs. Some sites you can specifically see benchmarks that you'll be using (like photoshop), but to the best of my knowledge having a quad core with photoshop is generally a huge plus.