Can't add a second computer to mains network

I purchased a pair of 85mb home plug adaptors (Intellon). They work fine on my desktop. I purchased a third to link in a laptop (windows 7)however it simply won't work, it is serching for an IP address That said I can get both computer working on their own but not together.
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  1. You're talking about the Plugs that you plug into the wall that are supposed to bridge connection over your houses power?

    I tried some of those a couple of years ago and had no luck at all. The wiring in my house was old, and it's just not a very ideal technology in my opinion.

    Do you have a router set up that has dhcp enabled?
  2. My experience was similar to above -- horrible to install (like physically too long to fit the position of most wall sockets re. the floor) and confusing to set up.

    Once apparently working, very slow and interference on audio equipment and radios.

    In your case, I've also heard that if you can get a pair running successfully there are often problems adding extra outlets. Probably is house wiring but it may be inherent to the technology.

    This is one of those ideas that sounds cool and works in the laboratory but needs much more development before it's widely applicable in the real world.
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