X4 955 BE/Cool'n'Quiet/Prime95 Question

Hello all,

Built my first rig this week (which means I'm a total noob, so please bear with me) and I've been running some stress tests on my hardware just to make sure it's all in working order. Anyway, here's my question: Why is it that I can run in-place large FFTs on prime95 for about an hour and never pass 55C with Cool'N'Quiet enabled, but when I run the same test with CnQ disabled for 5 minutes, my CPU reaches 78C?! All settings (voltages, multipliers, etc) are at default, by the way.
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  1. That's not normal. You sure you didn't accidentally change another setting?

    Barring that, just to make sure, reenable cool and quiet and see if it returns back to the 55C max on load.
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