6Gb (4gb usabled)?

Okay I've been griefing for a couple days since I installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and I read that I'm only getting 4gb opposed to the 6gb installed on my mobo. I only built this a week ago and noticed it after 7 pro 64bit was installed.

I'm using the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R rev 2.0 with 3x2 Gb of G.skill 1066 (1333mhz) CL9 tri channel memory.

only have installed the original drivers and the factory Bios so its still all new. I've been reading about a few others with the same problems. It consistently says 4gb not 6gb. idk if its instability or what but it driving me insane because i just cant fix it ?:(

if anyone knows any fixes 4 for I'd be eternally grateful because this is my first built computer and this is the last thing I have to do till its perfect (as i can get it). also the RAMs running at 1070mhz.. I saw it as 1333 maybe I need to OC to get it to that.. :cry:

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  1. No need to OC for 1333. But do go into BIOS and manually set the timings and voltage to match your memory's specs. Download and use CPUID's CPU-z to make sure exactly what BIOS has set.

    This would normally begin to solve your second problem, and may give some insight into the first.
  2. Wow I got rid of the damn Mobo Ram tweak thing and set it at standard opposed to Turbo. It must have been instability that lead it to drop sticks off :P oh well, so happy now.

    Thats the end of that chapter!
  3. LOL - you really should have mentioned that earlier. First step in diagnosing off-beat behavior is get rid of all OCs and set to stock.

    Glad you're running.
  4. Have you gone into your bios and selected profile 1 for memory (Believe its labeled XMP). The should read the memory and set Cl's and voltage to manuf spec. Worked great on my P55 gigabyte board. Note this may change (increase) your bclk and (decrease) cpu multiplier. However the bclk times the multiplier should equate very closely to stock CPU speed.
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