GA-G41M-ES2H needed power supply

Hi all,

I was wondering what type of Power Supply I'd need to get this system running properly? The motherboard in question (GA-G41M-ES2H Rev 1) comes with a 4pin power connector and a 24pin ATX power connector. I bought a Pentium E6300 2.8GHZ Dual Core CPU, PC2 (DDR2) 6400 800MHZ Kingston Value Ram 2 X 1GB, Samsung Toshiba 22x DVD Writer, and plan on getting a 500GB SATA 2 HDD for it as well as case w/ PS and Win 7 Prem in the weeks to come.

All I really need to know is if anyone knows enough about this Motherboard and what Wattage PS I'd need for it to run without any hitches. Also I may be getting an Nvidia 220 PCI-E or something along those lines to take the place of the onboard Intel G41 GPU (which actually runs onboard HDMI).

Thanks for any tips..
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  1. ^ Hi you wont need to use any high wattage PSU...A quality 400W from Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ PCP&S/ OCZ/ Antec would do...
    Here are a few...These can also support upto HD 5750/ 4850/ GTS 250 without much issues...

    If you will be adding a more powerful card than the above say anything like HD 5770/ HD 4870/ GTX 260/ GTX 275, then get this PSU
  2. Similar configuration, no video card, I put a Corsair 400CX in it.
  3. Hi all,

    Thank you so much for the assistance. I have the info I need now for purchasing the right PS.
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