PCI to PCI-E adapter?

Does a PCI to PCI-E adapter exist? I'm curious because I'd like to use my PCI sound card when PCI slots don't exist on motherboards anymore.
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  1. The answer to your question is yes. The cards are available from many online vendors. Here is an example:

    Sound cards are being replaced by onboard high definition sound. My new motherboard came with a spdif (fiber optic) connection and an hdmi port. I connected a fiber optic cable to my old audio system. I can literally rock the house! :D
  2. That's a PCIe to PCI adapter. I'm looking for a PCI to PCIe adapter.
  3. Wait, I'm confused. If I want to use a PCI card on a PCI express slot, what is that called? PCI to PCI express or PCI express to PCI?
  4. The second adapter I linked to will allow you to use a old PCI card in a modern PCI-e slot. It is usually called a "PCI to PCI-e adapter card". However, I think you'll find PCI and PCI-e are sometimes reversed.
  5. Hey I am someone looking for a PCI to PCI-E adapter for a low-profile GPU in my computer. Since my computer is quite old, it still has PCI slots on the motherboard and not PCI-E. The post above was really helpful but I was wondering if there is and adapter like that for less than $30. do they make that? Thanks.

    Edit: Prefrebly one that also supports something other than PCI-E x1 because all of those cards are super expensive. and keep in mind low-profile please.
  6. JohnnyLucky said:

    I have one of this to put a al PCI express Graphic Card in a PCI slot, but works bad, because it shows many horizontal lines in the image :(
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