AIDA 64 (ex Everest) Vs Core Temp

Hy guys, I just herd about Core Temp for monitoring CPU temps and when I tried it I was a bit surprised to see that it shows me 10 degrees C more than my usual monitoring program AIDA 64.

What worries me is that one program tells me the temp at max stress is 63 which is acceptable and the other gives me 73 which is more than what I want.

Can any Core Temp users tell me how reliable these numbers are? Thanks in advance.
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  1. i'd trust aida before coretemp any day

    i would reccomend trying another program (HWmonitor, speedfan) to see what that reads
  2. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I also tried Real Temp and I get the same numbers as Core Temp.
    Could it be because AIDA reads Tjmax as 90 and the others as 100 C ?
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    I have found that realtemp, coretemp, and HWmonitor all have the same readings. The only problem with AIDA 64 that I've seen is that it will display lower temps than the others, at least in my experience. I'd rather use the ones that show a higher temp than a lower temp for safety reasons. Just run realtemp, coretemp, HWmonitor, and AIDA 64 and see which one is not like the others. I haven't found any issues at all using coretemp.
  4. dudewitbow said:
    core temp tend to show slightly higher readings compared to what i get.

    Compared to what other programs?
  5. core temp tend to show slightly higher readings compared to what i get.
  6. older programs I had that i cant recall the name of now. stopped using it because my laptop is showing age and the program kept crashing on my ancient laptop that has overheating problems.
  7. Aida all the way. I have set it to run on my logitech LCD keyboard to show the temps and CPU/GPU/Ram usages.
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  9. Thanks for the reply guys, I think ill use both programs since the distance to tjmax is the same.
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