What is overcloacking and how to do it?

Well I'm beginner and want to know exactly, what is overclocking ?How to do it? I want to overclock my core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz processor?
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  1. Name:bhargav
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz
    Motherboard: Intel DG41RQ
    CPU Voltage: 1.096V
    CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier:266*11(multiplier is sometime 6 some time 11)
    Clock Speed:2.93Ghz
    RAM:2 gb ddr2
    Cooling: air
    OS: WINDOWS 7 ultimate 32bit
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    Overclocking is manipulating your system so that (in this case) the cpu runs at higher
    clock speeds than normal and gets workloads done faster/more smoothly.

    There are several ways to overclock a cpu(change multiplier, base clock or both). Since your
    e7500 is multiplier locked(you can't raise the multiplier, but you can lower it) you will be
    restricted to using base clock changes. That cpu should be able to overclock quite well, but
    you need to have both a motherboard that will let you make changes to base clock speed
    and cpu voltage and high speed ram that won't go out of spec when you change the base
    clock. What motherboard do you have(brand and model)? Do you have ddr2 or ddr3?What
    speed is it(ddr2 is either 200 base/400 double data rate, 266/533, 333/667, 400/800, or
    533/1066. ddr3 is either 400/800, 533/1066, 667/1333, or 800/1600 in your case)?

    Raising clockspeed alone creates a linear increase in power use &c raising voltage creates
    an exponential increase in power use. More power used dissipates more heat. therefore,
    a high overclock is also dependent on the level of cooling you can give your cpu. The stock
    intel heatsink won't be good for a high overclock. You should probably have a good tower
    style heatsink fan, but something like that may or may not fit depending on your mobo
    layout, ram height(tall heatsinks) and the dimensions of your case. Can you tell us what
    brand and model of ram you have and what case? Maybe post pics or links?

    If we know you have the tools to overclock or can get them, we can advise you on more
    specific methods to ramp up your cpu speed and test for long term stability. The max
    safe temperature and voltage vary from one class of processors to another. Kind of a
    general rule is to not exceed 110% of stock voltage and/or an increase of .1 volts(again
    depending on the cpu). I will go ahead and say a popular method of testing cpu stability
    is to download for free, install and run prime 95 with all cores loaded (a higher workload
    that your cpu will likely ever see otherwise) and check for temps(download speedfan) and
    errors in the test. Maybe increase the base clock 5mhz at a time(55mhz cpu clock change

    (inserts a wedge into this wall of text)

    on your cpu with the max mulitplier of 11) and test for 20 minutes noting temps and
    looking for errors. If good, raise base clock again and retest. Stop when you get errors or
    unsafe temps. Maybe set the fan speed on the cooler to a noise level you can tolerate
    first thing so you know the limits of your cooling. If you get errors but temps are ok, nudge
    the voltage and test again. Your cpu could reach 4ghz with something like a combo of
    a 10x multiplier and 400mhz base clock using either ddr2 400/800 or ddr3 800/1600 that
    you first lower to 266/533 or 533/1066(oh yeah, mobo must allow ram ratio adjustment
    as well) and letting it come back into spec as you raise the base clock from 266 to 400.

    Sorry that last bit was a small wall of text. I hope this answers some questions without
    creating a bunch more. And please post some more specific specs on the parts of your kit
    that I mentioned. Also, tell us how many amps are on the +12v of your power supply
    (if you don't know, check the label). That is the single most important spec of a power
    supply and may affect your ability to get a good overclock that is safe and stable(the
    added power use of an overclocked cpu versus one at stock speed/voltage will of course
    place a larger burden on your power supply).

    Edit: I started typing this before you posted that extra info. Give me a bit to do some
    googling and I will get back to you with more details soon.

    Also, that variable multiplier is typical. 6x for light loads/desktop idle, 11 for games etc.

    Edit: After a look on at your mobo, it has what I feared is a g41 chipset with
    integated graphics. Your options for making changes in the bios may be limited. You
    can reboot and take a look at the various screens in the bios to see if any of the
    previously mentioned changes will be possible. Otherwise I suggest you google setfsb
    and overclockulator and read about them and/or install and run them to look through
    the options. They are supposed to let you overclock with software in windows instead
    of using the bios but you want to make sure you can make other changes like locking
    down the pcie bus speed or manipulating ram ratio/locking its speed so that any
    attempts by you to overclock with the program won't throw your system out of whack.

    Edit: forgot to mention that the pic I saw of your mobo showed a fairly tall north-
    bridge heatsink that could get in the way of some larger air coolers.
  3. please ask questions one by one clearly .. I'm not so good at English .. so don't post that to much..

    well my motherboard is Intel DG41RQ which can supports only ddr2 up to 8gb.... ram.. I've 2gb ddr2 ram, DRAM frequency 400.0 MHz(CPU-Z reading)
    I've full tower case and i've 14 amp on 12V rail.....
  4. you'll get my all processor, main board, ram information here

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz

    Motherboard: Intel DG41RQ

    Core Voltage: 1.096V

    CPU Bus Speed/Multiplier:266*11(multiplier is sometime 6 some time 11)

    Clock Speed:2.93Ghz

    memory: 2 GB
    DDR2-800(PC2-6400) 6-6-6-18 ( 400 MHz )

    psu: CIL-ODYSSEY 450W 2009
    14 A on 12V rail

    gpu: hd7750 consume 55w (4.5 amp) on 12v rail (which is I've ordered and will get soon)

    Cooling: air Deepcool ALTA 9

    OS: WINDOWS 7 ultimate 32bit

    Is this system able and handle to overclock ?
  5. Your psu can deliver up to 168w of +12v power. Not much, especially if you want to run both
    an overclocked cpu and a decent graphics card. Your e7500 is 65w as is.

    Why do you want to overclock? For what purpose?

    cpuz says your ram is pc2-6400. That means the base is 400, but at 2 transfers per clock is
    800. 1 stick of ram is 64bit(8 bytes), so 8 bytes x 800mhz = 6400MB/s or 6.4GB/s

    I searched the home page of setfsb for your mobo/chipset, and it looks like none of the
    chipsets in that series (intel 40 series) are listed. That means we don't know the clock
    generator for your mobo and cannot use setfsb to tweak your system.

    If you look through the screens of your mobo's bios, are there any options to change the
    fsb speed, ram speed or voltage? Are you using to stock intel cooler, or a better after market
    heatsink fan combo(tower style is perferable)? Oh, will the mobo let u drop multipliers?

    I hope these questions are a little more manageable than my last post...
  6. i think the main problem in the power supply..
    should i buy new psu?
    can you suggest me the cheapest best one?
  7. Sorry. I guess I need to learn how to read again. Googled your cooler and psu. The cooler
    will not be good for overclocking. I might suggest a better one but need more info first.

    Are you by any chance in India? is flipcart a good site for you to get parts from? The
    currency is rupees, right? Just guessing mainly b cuz of google search results on that psu.
    Flipcart seems to be having trouble loading in my browser right now...

    If you haven't done so yet, reboot your computer and hold down the key that will get you
    into the motherboard bios before windows loads. Take a look at the screens to see if you
    will be able to change the settings you need to modify to be able to overclock. If there are
    no options, you won't be overclocking your e7500.

    Look for settings that change cpu voltage, fsb clock speed, and ram ratios.
    Oh yeah, you should be able to drop the multiplier too. Check and report back.

    If you can overclock you will want a better cooler and better psu. I would like to know the
    model of your case to see how a tower cooler and new power supply might fit.

    What is your budget for overclocking parts?

    Maybe you want to wait and see how well your new hd7750 will do with your pc as is.
    If it works for you then no need to spend more money.

    You may want to try overclocking the gpu some if you don't get the fps you want.
  8. I've checked my motherboard bios setting.. unfortunately I'm not able to change the settings which are for overclocking.. they are locked in black letters and the which can be change they are in blue letters...
    so, I cant and unable to overclock my computer.. sorry for troubling you..
    OK now tell me how to overclock gpu? first I'll check the performance of my gpu on my system and if it'll be not able satisfied then I'll do it.. and yeah I'm from India.. how do you guess so? may be I'm wrong but I think you're Indian too..I'm I right?
  9. No, I'm in the US. When I googled your mobo I got search results for the Indian version
    of yahoo answers with people asking the same question. I know about flipcart and rupees
    cuz I have tried to help someone else pick out parts on a budget on another occasion.

    We should probably see how you like your new card by playing with it some first before
    you try and overclock, like we said. Want to make sure everything runs ok as is without
    putting too much burden on your psu overclocking. If after some initial testing you still
    want to oc, we will talk about methods, but you risk burning out your system.

    Don't feel too bad about not being able to oc your cpu. It is probably faster than the
    celeron g540 the writer used in the $500 build prior to the last system builder marathon.

    They used a gpu twice as powerful as yours and got bottlenecked. This time, they used
    a bit faster processor and a bit slower gpu and got better performance.
  10. Overclocking for Dummies: it is increasing the speed of which a selected device operates at.
    Where to do this: for your cpu and ram, you overclock in your BIOS; your gpu usually has a software that comes with it.
    Note: you can not overclock all cpu's.

    also before overclocking do your research, or you will damage your PC, and it is not covered by your warranty.
    sorry if this is irrelevant, i didn't read all the other comments, i just posted this and i hope it helps :)
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