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will THIS ATI Radeon HD5670 Card Support the latest games Graphics like, Assassins creed 2 etc,,

Plz reply
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    Sure, it can play any games depending on graphics quality settings and resolution.

    But it's performance is between the HD 4670 and the HD 4770.
  2. Thanks alot for ur help ,
    currently i have radeon x1650, and it has supported every game up till now, is HD 5670 better than it
  3. Just about any card is better than the 'ol X1650 right now.

    If you keep all game settings the same you will see significant performance improvement. I would say at least double your current frame rates.

    See following review:
  4. What about the rest of your system?
    how much do u want to spend?
    If u have more then u probably want to spend on another card with better performance... :)
  5. 5670.
    Looks to me like ATI has released a new GPU that marries bottom end gaming with DX11.

    RAM 2 GS
    hd 600 GS
  7. and Graphic Card is 512
  8. if i only want to upgrade my this system then,
    what u guys suggest ?
  9. I suggest you AT LEAST add 2GB of RAM and add a decent video card.

    If youre willing to spend a bit more, get a new motherboard, more/better RAM and a good video card.
  10. More importantly , You should mention the resolution at which you'll be playing or your monitors native resolution.

    Getting 2GB More RAM will be a wise decision.

    Don't get HD5670.It doesn't justifies its $100 price.
    For a few more $$ you can get HD5750/GTS250/HD4850 which will give you kick as* gaming performance.
  11. thanks alot every1
  12. What PSU do you have? The HD5670 sips juice. It's overpriced right now, but consider your PSU's capacity before getting a new video card.
    Adding 2GB of RAM would offer some overall improvements in performance, but probably won't do much for FPS in games; lag, probably, FPS, no.
  13. ^+1
    what PSU do u have?
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