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Today my computer crashed because I accidentally unplugged the powercord with my feet :ange:
When I turned it back on the resolution had changed from my regular 1920x1080 to something alot less. I right clicked on deskop to bring up the NVidia control panel and change the resolution back. The highest resolution option was 1600x1200 so I made a custom resolution, that worked. But my REAL problem is in games, I can't change it back in games, Only to 1600x1200.
I opened device manager to see if there were updates that needed to be installed but It wasn't my Monitor in the monitor tab. My monitor is a 24" BenQ G2420HDBL but it said Generic Non-PnP Monitor.

Anybody got any advices :)?
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  1. That's wierd. Try reinstalling the Nvidia display driver.
  2. 1. Restore from a recent restore point.

    2.a Uninstall GFX and Monitor drivers
    2.b Clean registry of all things related to GFX or Monitor
    2.c Reinstall drivers
  3. Which OS do you use?? Have you checked on the refresh rate?? 1920 x 1080 is marked as HDTV resolution so it may help setting your monitor as HDTV in your GPU display settings.. You may also try setting up your monitor using media center..
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