MSI G31TM-P21 and the sapphire HD 4850 single slot compatibility issue

Here's my specs

Antec 500 watt Earthwatts
4 gb KByte DDR2 ram
500 WD IDE
DLink PCI Wireless
Diamond xs51 sound card
Windows 7 Ultimate X64

In this mobo there are checksum cmos errors with this card that the 9600 GT never had. I know because after i got the first checksum, i removed the card and reinserted the 9600 GT . no checksum. switched to 4850, checksum Here was what I did to try to remedy this

1. Cleared the jumper cable, checksum
2. Removed CMOS battery for 15 minutes and reinserted, checksum
3. Upgraded BIOS from 4.1 to 4.4 via liveupdate. Still checksum but the latest BIOS feels a lot smoother
4. repeated step 2 after the BIOS update, checksum
5. added a Visiontek juicebox, checksum as it's not a Power issue

I seriously doubt it's the voltage battery because it's a new mobo and i never got the checksum error on the 9600 GT.
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  1. Does the date and time stay correct in the bios ?
  2. yes it does
  3. One, I would try older drivers...... secondly, the ati drivers will put the ATI SOUND driver in along with the graphics driver. Un-install the ATI drivers.... all of them. ( sound and graphics ) Reboot. Install the ATI driver via "custom" or "advanced" install. When it asks if you want to install the sound driver say NO.. Continue with install. Reboot... problem solved ?
  4. swifty

    On cold boot it gets a cmos checksum bad error. On restarts, there's no bad checksum error. I haven't thought of older drivers or the hdmi sound driver, but it gets the error without any installed drivers on cold boot also

    I used driver sweeper after Nvidia uninstall before i shut the comp down

    Disclaimer i still have the 9600 gt in my computer
  5. replace battery
    bad card
    disable unused stuff in bios
    remove sound card
    reset bios to optimized defaults
    check bios settings
    bios chip on board corrupted
  6. 1. I don't know what the unused BIOS stuff is, i just used optimized defaults and disable post screen logo and integrated sound

    2. I will try the sound card removal later and see if that works

    3. The card is not bad, it's a perfectly working pull from the sellers motherboard via Crossfire and Earthwatts 650. It works great but for the cold boot CMOS checksum error.
  7. Look through the bos and disable what you don't use. Such as the floppy drive..... don't have one, disable it. check the boot sequence. HD/DVD/disable floppy ( 3rd boot device ) and enable the 4th one.... should be enabled already. Shut down 1394 or any odd stuff you aren't running or will never use. When you pull the card remove the drivers and use on board for now..... also, when you installed the sound card did you disable the on board in the bios ?
  8. How old are these parts ? And what motherboard/ram/proc are you using ? Did you install all the necessary mother board drivers ?
  9. sound card removal's no good

    PSU, CPU, memory, is brand new

    It's a used 4850, 1 year old IDE WD hard drive

    all drivers are the latest
  10. Used card / perhaps the person who had it before you over clocked the crap out of it and destroyed it. Any chance for a return ?
  11. The person never overclocked it. All he did was adjust the fan speed manually to 55%, that and used Crossfire
  12. Unless this "guy" is Mother Teresa I wouldn't believe it.... and even then......
  13. I could try one thing i haven't yet, but it is only a 450 watt PSU my brother has. Then again i only want to see it POST without the checksum error not actually installing it on his computer
  14. I am posting from my brother's computer now. The 4850 is in here now and when i connected it, it showed no CMOS checksum error.

    mobo was my old one ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe. This officially rules a bad card out for causing a CMOS checksum error and strenghtening my specific mobo compatibility claim.

    However, this means I can give the 4850 to another brother who uses an HDTV for a PC monitor. He took the DVI to HDMI adapter an hour ago and said he can switch his 8800 GT with me. The HDTV PC brother has a Q6600 on an ASUS P5n SLI mobo
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