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Hi. I have an Nvidia 8600 GTX at the moment. I've had it for a while and needed to update so looked around for what was best in my budget, and bought an ATI Radeon 5850. It arrived today (excited). I've poked around on Google and am getting conflicting advice on how to make the change. I know I need to: a) Uninstall the nvidia drivers (or do I? And how? Using a 3rd party tool, and if so what, or just via control panel?) b) Open up my PC and remove the nivida card / put the ATI card in c) Install the ATI drivers But do I do it in that order? Or do I do the drivers first and then the card? Or swap the cards first then reboot in safe mode and swap out the drivers? And is there any other steps I need to take? Thanks
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    For doing a clean install follow this steps:
    1_Download and install DriverSweeper from here :http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/
    2_Uninstall your current Nvidia driver from add/remove apps and restart and boot to safe mode
    3_In safe mode open Driver sweeper,click on Nvidia and then click clean and restart and boot normally to windows
    4_Download and install the latest ATI drivers from www.amd.com and after the installation,restart and done.
  2. Thanks Maziar. At what point would I actually swap the graphics cards? Before I start? Once I've done the four steps you suggest? Or somewhere inbetween?
  3. When you have the Nvidia card still in your case do the steps from 1-3 and after that take out your card and install the new one
  4. That's great, thank you for your help.
  5. No problem,let me know if it works fine :)
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